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Hyoungje Engraving. Co.,Ltd, first engraving company for sleeve type anilox roller in South Korea
2020-07-20 Hits : 67

Hyoungje Engraving. Co., Ltd., established in 1988, is an enterprise that specializes in the Gravure printing. The Hyoungje began by producing printing and foil in its early stage and has grown through continuous development to produce all items in the pate making industry raging from PVC tile, flooring, decoration sheet, and wallpaper to printing and emboss rolls. The enterprise has constructed a total system of product manufacturing from design development to roll production and printing.

Moreover, Hyoungje Engraving. Co.,Ltd is possible to engraving anilox rollers as shaft &sleeve type for flexo printing industry and possible to engrave 2,000LPI. It means first engraving company for sleeve type anilox roller in South Korea.

In 2006, Hyoungje Optics. Co., Ltd. was established as a branch of Hyoungje Engraving. Co., Ltd. The Hyoungje Optics. Co., Ltd has recently grown at a rapid pace to encounter the demands of the high qulity display market. The company has expanded its business field by localizing manufacturing technique of micor-pattern(master roll of prism, wave and rectangular cross film) for production of LCD composite film. Hyoungje group (Hyoungje Engraving.Co.,Ltd & Hyoungje Optics.Co.,Ltd)is striving to produce better products through continuous research and development.